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Our DVD is here! Four movies and "I Heard You Were Dead," plus more!

Here are some pictures and descriptions of movies I have made, starting from the most recent. (Click on the highlighted still for each, to go to a page with more detailed descriptions and full size stills.) I also have a flash movie, it's small, of the saga of the dog in space. It's called heatsignature, actually what the website name came from. -Greta
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I Heard You Were Dead (2004) 14 min, Audio: My contribution to Sarah Jaffe's and Melissa Klein's Audiozine, "Long Ago and Right Now." Mine's a sound map of San Francisco, charting neighborhoods, death, and punkrock. You can get the hand-crafted double CD at Aquarius Records.
The Magic of Radio (2001) 23 min, 16mm: A wild and beautiful excursion into the world of pirate and amateur radio, including interviews with the bicycle pirate, Free Radio Austin, and Robert K6QXY; plus mystery sounds from space!
Urine Man (2000) 5 min, 16mm: The Urine Man, a longtime neighbor, agreed to be interviewed but with a great many stipulations. One of these was that he would only discuss his philosophical platform, and would not answer any questions. Thus, this eloquent rant of the Urine Man's unique cosmology.
Quarry Movie (1999) 10 min, 16mm: This movie is an attempt to document a place; not only its image as lensed, but its weather, its soil, and its toxins. The organisms in the water and the soil have made their marks on it; even the leached metals in this exhausted quarry pit's waters can be seen in the film.
FLIGHT (1997) 5 min, 16mm: My father’s photographic legacy, compiled and transformed into light. His family photographs, his hobbyist pictures of trains and roses, his airplanes and his obsession with birds circling...these images are imprinted onto the film, like a fingerprint or trace. The film is hand-processed and hand-exposed without a camera (as with Ray-O-Grams).
Portland (1996) 15 min, 16mm: Three friends, including the filmmaker, rendez-vous in Portland by hitchhiking or train-hopping from different cities. After a week of arguments, soup kitchens, brushes with the law, and bad weather, each leaves with a different memory of the trip.
NOZONE (1993) 18 min, 16mm: NOZONE is a five part essay, eloquently surrounding the idea of millenial anxiety. An urban forager finds medicine under freeways; a freight hopper lists the contents of his backpack; and a recycler of atomic surplus displays some of his favorite failed technologies. See a quicktime clip, and another quicktime clip.
Our Gay Brothers (1993) 9 min, 16mm: A funny and contentious film about the joy of difference! Three gay men discuss the challenges and mysteries of the female geography, as the filmmaker makes counterpoint with a series of images from archival and educational movies.
Mute (1991) 15 min, 16mm: Mute is a fractured story, in which a narrator's plans go awry, as his "mute" subject goes off on a subtitled trip of her own. The power struggle of the characters plays with the structure of the narrative, as image and audio collide.
Blood Story (1990) 3 min , 16mm: Blood Story is a simultaneous progression of three divergent tales - a soundtrack of eavesdropped "girltalk," a subtitled story of a troublesome spot, and a series of images that fluidly peruse the two. The pictures articulate the space between one threatening and one intimate experience of the same symbolic matter.
Futility (1989) 10 min, 16mm: Futility is a two part story, introduced by a series mishaps from archival films about tools. The body of the film illustrates the title; in the tale of a woman's attempt to schedule an abortion, and a moribund love letter. The images resist illustration or narrative, constituting a kind of peripheral vision.
Hard Core Home Movie (1989) 5 min, 16mm: A frank and irreverent documentary that asks the question, "what does punk rock mean to you?" Seedy, grainy, fast-paced, this is a nostalgic look at an ephemeral moment in the history of a subculture: punk rock in San Francisco in the late eighties. One short quicktime excerpt and another.
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