Some Links of Interest

Review of Greta's (and Bill Brown's) Movies - on the occasion of our show at the ATA spring of 2002.

The Flicker Pages - one stop shopping for a lot of info on experimental filmmakers and exhibition spaces, created and maintained by scott Stark.

Punk Rock Date - I made a funny video game, using some of my friends as potential "dates." Knowledge of various punk scenes a plus...

Other Cinema - home of information about Craig Baldwin's Other Cinema series and Otherzine, the online publication about underground and avant garde cinema.

World Power Systems - Tom Jennings' website, one of my favorites because there's so much weird information on there! His reviews of Cold War Era military films are hilarious and extensive.

Quiet American - A website devoted to the acquisition and sharing of field sounds!

Paper Tape Archives - a celebration of the art of home recording.

Triangle Andy's Memorial - mourn a bit of San Francisco's lost cuisine, added to the list which includes the Sincere Cafe and the Check Inn.


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