These are some Flash games I have been working on. "Story of My Tattoo" is an interactive autobiography, which I made this winter for a presentation on autobiography at Evergreen State College. "Black Blocker" was the first one I made, and therefore is somewhat crude. But I was frustrated at being left out of the anti-Iraq War street demonstrations due to parental obligations...thus the vicarious rebellion of Black Blocker. "Drinking and Biking" is finished except for the animations when a user "wins" at various stages of injury.

I am interested in feedback. I don't play digital games - but I am addicted to making them! I guess I see these games as a critique of game content. "Kill Bad Guys" is such a dumb goal - but it's the agenda in so many games, with only minor variation. It's no secret that VR and simulation technology is all being developed by the military - what is insidious is the extent to which users can sublimate and internalize these origins, and indulge in fantasy of high powered weaponry and clean killing. My approach with "Drinking and Biking" and "Black Blocker" is to insert an ironic content, assert a countercultural presence, and (especially with "Drinking and Biking") reveal the self destructive nature of most gaming.

These are for FlashPlayer6; they work fine on my computer, let me know how they play on yours!



Story of My Tattoo
Drinking and Biking
Black Blocker
Hellavision (soon)